Men’s genuine leather jackets are the ultimate premium outwear that remains popular by defying the forever-changing trends. This is because of their extreme functionality and best styles. Also, men’s genuine leather jackets are the symbol of tough and handsome masculinity for men. For men, they are not just a piece of clothing, but a statement of identity.

If you are looking for the best leather jackets for men, there are three things you must consider before finalizing your choice.

1) The type of leather which will make your leather jacket the “best” in town.

2)The style or type of your leather jacket to bring the “best” out of your personality. And 3) How your leather jacket should fit to look “best” on you.

Here is the ultimate guide to the best leather jackets for men.

Perfect Leather Type for Best Leather Jackets for Men

The first thing which decides the quality of the men’s jacket is the type of leather used. The leather quality can vary greatly depending upon the different kinds of hides available or the leather processing process. Furthermore, different animal skin can give leather jackets different textures and qualities. Hence, considering good material is essential for the best leather jackets for men. The most common hides for leather jackets are:


Cowhide is one of the most famous material of leather jacket. The cowhide gives the leather jacket its strong and thick structure. It has high durability, but low flexibility. However, it is weather resistant and long-lasting. Thus, stiff jackets are ideal when made from cowhide.


Deerskin is similar to cowhide in terms of durability and functionality. However, it has a more flexible and refined texture. Also, it is much lighter than cowhide. Thus, the overall result of the deerskin leather jackets is soft and more comfortable.


Unlike other leather hides, goatskin is not very popular. This is because goatskin is prone to develop patterns, fine lines, or creases on the surface as the leather jacket age. But it is much cheaper and lighter than cowhide.


The most premium quality material for leather jackets is sheepskin or lambskin. It is also a little more expensive than other hides. However, its maximum durability, flexibility, and long-lasting features make the sheepskin jacket timeless outwear which never goes out of trend.

Bison Leather

Over the last decade, bison leather jackets are becoming popular in the fashion industry. This is because of its natural sturdy color and fine creases throughout the material. In addition, it has a beautiful ruddy color and rugged structure which complement the classic and vintage looks of leather jackets. Also, it has maximum functionality because bison skin is thick and durable.

Best Men’s Leather Jacket Types and Styles

Men’s leather jackets are not only some winter outwear but have a great influence on their overall style and personality. Hence, it is important to pick the right leather jacket type and style to extrude your best personality. From biker to aviator, there are many options to thoroughly consider before choosing a leather jacket to upgrade your style.

Biker Jackets

Biker jackets are the most popular fashion icon because of their sassy looks and minimalistic designs. The timeless outwear has unique features and versatility in styles. Real sheepskin leather jackets are highly durable and provide protective gear to the wearer. In addition to being weather and waterproof, they are highly durable and can easily withstand regular wear and tear.

It has simple and classy features like a quilted body, belts, an off-center zipper, notch lapel collars, and multiple pockets. These bold iconic leather jackets give you strong, sleeky, and adventurous vibes.

Aviator & Bomber Jackets

Aviator leather jackets and bomber aviator jackets for men are the modern time successors of the military jackets used in WWII. These timeless pieces are for men who want extreme functionality from their leather jackets. They provide complete protection and insulation against extreme weather conditions.

They combine men’s classic and vintage leather jacket styles perfectly with the touch of modern fashion. The only feature which differentiates the bomber and aviator jackets are, the bomber jacket has the classic round-button collar with a matching hem. Besides, both are incredibly durable, extremely warm, waterproof, and versatile.

In addition, these leather jackets have mostly full fur lining inside. Hence, these jackets are extremely comfortable and cozy to wear. With their unique features and classy styles, these leather jackets are popular outwear across the globe.

Shearling Leather Jackets

Among all leather jackets type, shearling leather jackets are the most expensive. However, with their extreme functionality, they last much longer. They tend to maintain their shape and features and remain new even after decades. This is probably the reason they are passed down as family heirlooms from one generation to another.

Genuine sheepskin or goat skin shearling leather jackets are extremely warm and highly cozy outwear. It has mostly a soft and breathable full woolen inside lining which make these leather jackets incredibly warm. In addition, the woolen lining is extremely soft and provides eternal comfort. Also, it stops water or any moisture to penetrate through it. Hence, making your shearling leather jacket waterproof and good enough to wear in light rain or snow.

Besides being strong and sturdy with a full woolen lining, shearling leather jackets are extremely light in terms of weight. It is perfect for extremely harsh winters. Furthermore, they came in a variety of designs like waist length or full length, hooded collar or shearling lapel collar, and adjustable hems. You just need to pick the right color to match your personality and a perfect style, and your shearling leather jacket will never go out of trend.

How Your Leather Jacket Should Fit to Look Best on You

Regardless of the best material, type, and style of the leather jacket, a poorly fitted leather jacket can entirely break your aura. Your men’s leather jacket will only look best if it has a perfect fitting and you wear it properly. The best men’s leather jacket should always complement your body type. This is because the beauty of the leather jacket is to highlight your masculine look. If you want to avoid your purchase being a bummer, you should always consider your silhouette before choosing your style.

Your genuine leather jacket should have the perfect fitting for the shoulders such that the curvature of the jacket should always fit right around your shoulders. In addition, your leather jacket should not be too tight and must not restrict your movements. It should always give you full freedom of movement. Make sure that you always have enough room inside your chest to flaunt your leather jacket with multiple layering. Furthermore, the sleeves should hit just above your wrist for the best fitting. Always wear your jacket before purchase to check for the perfect sleeves and length of the jacket.


So, there is that: Men’s guide for best leather jackets. Now you know all the things to consider and all the best leather jackets out there to pick your timeless piece from.

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